Collection - b&g Complementos


Our b&g collections are an appeal to the adventurous side of city dwellers. Under the slogan “Adventure is out there", we invite you to travel; to discover new places and to experiment through our creations.

Inspired by the Slow Life philosophy, we present a series of signature jewellery made from semi-precious metals with Italian “Strobel-stitched” cords, seasonal Pantone colour resins and crystals from the heart of Bohemia. Unique rings, ear-rings, necklaces and bracelets, full of character, made carefully based on a cutting-edge, quality design. These are very special pieces that make this line of accessories a fresh and versatile option. Suitable only for people with personality.

Our star material is zamak: a zinc-free alloy made from various metals, plated with either silver (10 micras) or gold (1.3 micras). The leather, resins and Bohemia crystal infuse the b&g Collection with a fresh and adventurous character.

All b&g jewels combine craftsmanship with the very latest trends. Quality, cutting-edge design and “made in Spain” character fit for any of your adventures… because “adventure is out there”.